>> April 24, 2009

I'm sure that if you've known me for 14 years, you've heard the story of how I almost drowned. Well, Nancy's the only person out of my readers that I know for sure has heard it... so I'll tell it to you right now.

When I was three, our family went camping a lot with another family called the Arriolas. One time, late in spring, we went camping at Big Rocks Park in Glen Rose, when the rain had made the little Paluxy river swell to a swift current.

I had my dinosaur ring floatie, and I was all set, but my parents warned about the little space between the rocks where the current could sweep me away. Well, knowing me, I was curious to see whether my floatie would hold me up, so I disregarded the instructions and stepped into the deeper water.

Immediately, I was swept off my feet, my floatie was lost, and I started travelling down the river. I almost drowned, but at the last possible second, a man saved me.

Recently, my grandpa has been trying to help a family who is in a lawsuit over the custody of their child. The family recently lost another child, who accidentally drowned, and now the CPS is charging them with neglect. My grandpa is trying to find the man who saved me, so that he and my parents can be a witness for the family, but my parents don't know who he is. My mom says that she never actually met the man, because the Arriolas were the ones who went and got me.

We may never find out who that man was, but I think he was an angel.

Either that or the guardian angels turned his head to see that little girl floating down the river.

All I know is that I've experienced a miracle.

God has something important planned for me, or I'd be dead right now. I can't take my life for granted, because God, the creator of the whole UNIVERSE, thinks I'm important. He has a plan; I'm sure of it.

Lately I've been feeling God working more and more. In the past week, several people have told me that God has blessed them through me. Just hearing that makes me want to grow closer to God... closer than I've been in a long time... maybe even closer than I've ever been. Please pray for me as I follow Him.


Sullied Knight April 25, 2009 at 2:43 AM  

Oh, that's a real praise!! I never knew that. Thanks for sharing! God is indeed merciful

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