No longer pounding.

>> March 8, 2009

'A' not 'I'
'O' not 'Ow'
no longer pounding in our brains.

Yes... that's right... My Fair Lady is over...

but we went out with a BANG!

It was our best show yet! we had so much fun.

Jamey even said I did the best he'd seen the entire run :D

Now we just have to wait for Daddy's Dying to run! I'm excited about Stage Managering for this show... and even more excited that I get to come and watch the rehearsals without learning lines... lol

I still have to write down craploads of blocking though... oh well, it'll be fun!

Something else I'm looking forward to is May 27. Even though I don't get to be at PCT for Daddy's Dying closing weekend, I get to go to Spain to visit my cousins for three weeks :D
I might even get to meet someone from flickr who I admire: La.No

Yay! a look into my life :D


debily March 10, 2009 at 6:31 AM  

You did such a good job! We enjoyed the show so much! You had the cockney down "stright"...way to go! It was worth losing an hour of sleep to see you perform. ;-)

Laura, also known as April 8, 2009 at 7:32 PM  

Naomi, you're adorable!! I found this through your facebook note :D

Let's hope we can meet! :)

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