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This is a shorter version of one of the scenes in Wheel of Time...
Forgive me for being a hopeless romantic, but this is adorable.

First, some background:
Perrin - Is a wolf-brother (which means he can talk to wolves), so he has an extra good sense of smell and hearing.
Faile - Is Perrin's wife. She has been giving him the silent treatment for some time because she thinks he is flirting with someone else (Berelain).
Perrin has just gotten back from a battle and unthroned a usurping queen (Colavaere).

"Faile, I missed you more than I can say, and worried about you, but-"

"Worried about me!" she snapped, spinning to face him. She stood straight and tall, eyes fierce as those of her falcon namesake, and her fan made a coring motion toward his middle. She made the same gesture with a knife sometimes. "When almost the first words from your mouth were to ask after that... that woman!"

His jaw dropped. How could he have forgotten the smell filling his nostrils? He nearly put a hand up to see whether his nose was bleeding. "Faile, I wanted her thief-catchers. Be-" No, he was not stupid enough to repeat that name. "She said she had proof of the poison before I left. You heard her! I just wanted the proof, Faile."

It did no good. That spiky stench (jealousy) softened not a whit, and the thin, sour smell of hurt joined it. What under the Light had he said to hurt her?

"Her proof! What I gathered went for nothing, but her proof put Colavaere's head on the block. Or should have." That was his opening, but she was not about to let him push a word in edgewise. She advanced on him, looking daggers, her fan darting like one. All he could do was back awa. "Do you know what story that woman put about?" Faile almost hissed. A black viper could not have dripped so much venom. "Do you? She said the reason you were not here was that you were at a manor not far from the city. Where she could visit you! I told the story I prepared-that you were hunting, and the Light knows you spent enough days hunting!-but everyone believed I was putting a good face on you and her! Together! Colavaere delighted in it. I could believe she only took that strumpet as an attendant to throw the two of us together. 'Faile, Berelain, come lace my gown.' 'Faile, Berelain, come homld the mirror for the hairdresser.' 'Faile, Berelain, come wash my back.' So she could amuse herself waiting for us to claw one another's eyes out! That is what I have put up with! For you, you hairy-eared--"

His back thumped against the wall. And something snapped inside him. He had been frightened spitless for her, terrified, ready to face down Rand or the Dark One himself. And he had none nothing, had never encouraged Berelain, had done everything in his wits to chase the woman away. For which his thanks was this

Gently he took her by the shoulders and lifted her until those big tilted eyes were level with his. "You listen to me," he said calmly. He tried to make his voice calm, at least; it came out more of a growl in his throat. "How dare you speak to me like that? How dare you? I worried myself near to death for fearyou'd been hurt. I love you, and nobody else but you. I want no other woman but you. Do yo hear me? Do you?" Crushing her to his ches, he held her, wanting never to let her go. Light, he had been so afraid. He shook even now, for what might have been. "If anything happened to you, I'd die, Faile. I would lie down on your grave and die! Do you think I don't know how Colavaere found out who you are? You made sure she found out." Spying, she had told him once, was a wife's work. "Light, woman, you could have ended like Maire (a servant who was done away with for spilling information). Colavaere knows you're my wife. My wife. Perrin Aybara, Rand al'Thor's friend. Did it ever occur to you she might be suspicious? She could have... Light, Faile, she could have..."

Abruptly he realized what he was doing. She was making sounds against his chest, but no words he could recognize. He wondered that he did not hear her ribs creaking. Berating himself for an oaf, he let her go, arms springing apart, but before he could apologize, her fingers clutched his beard.

"So you love me?" she said softly. Very softly. Very warmly. She was smiling, too. "A woman likes to hear that said the right way." She had dropped the fan, but her throaty laugh held heat, and the smoldering in her eyes was as far from anger as possible. "A good thing you didn't say you never looked at another woman, or I would think you had gone blind."

He was too stunned for words, too stunned even to gape. Perrin knew he would never understand women. She kept changing direction faster than he could think, yet this... That thorny scent was gone completely, and in its place was another smell of her he knew well. A smell that was her, pure and strong and clean. Add that to her eyes, and any moment she was going to say something about farmgirls at harvest. They were notorious, apparently, Saldaean farmgirls.

"As for you lying down on my grave," she went on, "if you do, my soul will haunt yours, I promise you. You will mourn me a decent time, and then you'll find yourself another wife. Someone I'd approve of, I hope." With a soft laugh, she stroked his beard. "You really aren't fit to take care of yourself, you know. I want your promise."

Best not to crack his teeth on that. Say he would not, and this wonderful mood might be swallowed in a firestorm. Quicksilver was not in it, really. Say he would... By the smell of her, every word was the Light's pure truth, but he would believe that when horses roosted in trees. He cleared his throat, "I need to bathe. I haven't seen soap in I don't know how long. I must smell like an old barn."

Leaning against his chest, she drew a deep breath. "You smell wonderful. Like you." Her hands moved on his shoulders. "I feel as--" the door banged open.

(At this point, they are interrupted for a while by another character, and Perrin tries to convince him not to kill some people.)

"My husband," Faile breathed, "you have the courage of three men. And the sense of a child on leading strings. Why is it that as a man's courage goes up, his sense goes down?"

Perrin grunted indignantly. He refrained from mentioning women who set themselves to spy on people who had committed murders and almost certainly knew they were spying. Women always talked about how logical they were compared to men, but for himself, he had seen precious little of it.

"Well, perhaps I don't really want the answer even if you know it." Stretching with her arms over her head, she gave a throaty laugh. "Besides, I don't mean to let him spoil the mood. I still feel as forward as a farmgirl at-- Why are you laughing? Stop laughing at me, Perrin t'Bashere Aybara! Stop it, I say, you uncouth oaf! If you don't--"

The only way to put an end to it was to kiss her. In her arms he forgot Rand and Aes Sedai and battles. Where Faile was, was home.

If you read all that, congratulations, and perhaps you see how amazing Wheel of Time is and start reading it... lol
Pardon my sappiness... I just love it :D


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