Valentine's Day Rehearsal

>> February 15, 2009

Today we had a rehearsal. We did really bad...

Plus, like no one was there because of several different things... but most of the people who were gone were at a speech tournament... all day... sucks for them :/

I gave Valentines to several people... and all of them seemed to have their day made :D yay!

My director gave me a sparkly ballgown... it fits like a glove... and now I have all my costumes!

We started to run the show from beginning to end... but we only got as far as "I could Have Danced All Night," because we haven't run the beginning of the show for a long time... and we sucked... and we kept having to redo songs and scenes... and Pickering wasn't paying attention/didn't know his lines... GRRR! And Higgins had forgotten some lines and blocking. And so had everyone else D=

So yeah... we did really bad... and then, at the end of the rehearsal, I peeled a bit of dry skin off my lip (yeah.. i know that's kind of weird and nasty) and I was bleeding uncontrollably for about 10 minutes... and everyone was freaking out... lol... but it finally stopped bleeding on the way home.

While I was trying to stop the bleeding, my mom and my director were having a conversation about changing backstage... and they were talking about completely different aspects of it. My director thought my mom was complaining/worrying about modesty when she was really worrying about how many racks we'd need for hanging clothes on... because there are a million girls with a million dresses... and we need lots of hanging space...

So many things are already going on... and then, tomorrow starts Tech week... Set build for eight hours... and then, Monday-Thursday, long rehearsals every night... and then Friday, we open...

I'm scared... but being scared will help us do well... anyway... Please pray for everyone to get focused and in sync with each other so we can make this show amazing.


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