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>> January 15, 2009

Here is the story about my issues with stupid CD burners...

soo... I need to burn this CD. My Fair Lady, to be exact, because the one I had belonged to my friend and I gave it back today, because she needs to listen to it too.

We have no blank CDs in our house, so I asked for one from my voice teacher. She gave me one... but there was no way to tell which side was the side I needed to burn... both sides were the same.

I get home, and I take the blank CD, write "My Fair Lady" on it, and stick it into my laptop. I click the 'burn CD' button, and it tells me to put in a blank CD. That means that I wrote the "My Fair Lady" on the wrong side of the CD!

I turn the CD over and stick it back in on the off chance that it will work... and I burn an MP3 instead of an Audio CD.

So now I can't play the CD in the car even if it does work!

I take out the CD and put it back in, to test if the CD will work even with Sharpie on the wrong side.

It didn't work.

I microwaved that CD (btw, it's SO cool!).

So, I asked my dad if I could burn an audio CD onto a DVD-R, since we have an abundance of those... don't ask me why, we never burn DVDs... EVER... He said he didn't know, so I said I would try it... then my dad was like, "wait, that won't work."


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