My Fair Costumes

>> January 15, 2009

My Fair Lady costumes (1912-like clothes) are proving difficult to find.

I think I need about ten costumes.

Cockney everyday clothes
Cockney Sunday best clothes
A white blouse that looks good
Two flowing skirts that aren't too full
A nightgown... i think... i'm not even sure about that.
A fancy black and white dress for the horse races... plus a ginormous black and white hat
A ballgown (I think my director might be providing that one)
A skirt suit
An evening dress (I've got that... it's purple... and it's really pretty! but it needs to be taken in a little)

on top of that, I need a maid costume and another ball gown... but I might be able to use the purple dress... as long as I'm not sharing costumes with my counterparts...

Tonight I have a voice lesson from 4:30-5:15 and a rehearsal from 5-6 for just me and Freddy... and then a rehearsal from 6-9 with everyone else... grrrrrrawr... I wish they didn't overlap.

I need to be off book... but I'm not...

Being a lead is STRESSFUL.


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