Acting and Speaking

>> January 22, 2009

Speech day at worldviews is always fun... well... the dressing up part is...

I'm not too big of a fan of actually giving the speeches...

I don't know how I can like acting so much and not public speaking... wait... I DO know.

I like acting so much because you get to pretend to be someone else, and if you mess up, it wasn't you, it was your character... and the general audience doesn't know the difference... plus, the script is written for you.

I hate speaking so much because it's all you, and you have to write your own script and everybody knows if you messed up.


I've been really stressed lately, about my lines, my rehearsals, my homework... balancing everything... but there's one thing that's stressing me more than anything.

My friend "Yaroslav" (I'm changing his name... obviously). I LOVE him... he is the best guy friend I have EVER had. I know I shouldn't be stressing about this because it's in God's hands, but Yaroslav is not a Christian... and I desperately want to change that. At times it's just so hard to believe that he's not a Christian, because he's ALWAYS happy, and usually nice to everyone... even if he hates them... but I know he's not. He has made a big impact on my life, and I really want to make a big impact on his...

I'm trying to be Christlike, especially around him... but sometimes it's really difficult.

The other day, I was explaining my speech for today to him... which was about the Sistine Chapel Ceiling... we got into a deep discussion about the symbolism in the painting. At one point I mentioned how I didn't think it was biblical for Michelangelo to put Sibyls (Greek prophetesses who were in the Oracles) in his painting, because those women, who were supposed to prophesy, had been breathing sulfuric fumes and speaking gibberish. He then asked me a question I couldn't answer: "What do you believe makes a prophecy?" That really threw me off... it made me think really hard. Finally, I said something like this, "I believe that prophecies are from God. I believe the prophecies in the Bible because most of them have already come true, right down to the letter. I believe that that is cause enough to believe in the ones that haven't come true yet, because, logically, if so many people predict the same things, and most of them have come true, then the ones that haven't come true yet are highly likely to also be true."

I told him that I want to live for God even if there isn't a God, because if there is a God then I get an eternal reward, and if there isn't a God, then at least I lived a life worth living.

I feel like Yaroslav is searching, because, when I apologized for dumping my beliefs on him, he said he enjoyed hearing it... I don't know exactly what is going on with him, but he said he has beliefs but that he doesn't know how to explain them... He also said that he believes Jesus was a real person. I think Yaroslav is the kind of person who bases everything on what can be proven.

Anyway... Please pray for me to be able to radiate Jesus so I can be a witness to Yaroslav through my actions. Please pray for Yaroslav to find what he is looking for.


DARYLAMAZING, February 11, 2009 at 9:50 PM  


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