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>> November 5, 2008

Dude! I think it's stupid how all the McCain people are scared that Obama is going to completely ruin the United States! I wanted McCain to win, but he didn't... and that's OK.

Sure, I only agree with about half of Obama's policies... Sure, he has a name like Barack Hussein Obama... Sure, he's going to change the USA into something I don't necessarily like... But I'm still not scared! If you're scared he's going to ruin the USA, let me tell you, we were already heading downhill before the election process even started!
Meanwhile, I believe that while we shouldn't be scared, we (the church) should do something about this... Get involved in the government, pray for the nations leaders, start caring more about what our nation is coming to! We need to look back to our roots, and how the Founding Fathers ran things, and truly become a Christian nation again.

Obama is not the anti-Christ... but even if he was, God would still take care of us if we looked to him... which we should be doing anyway!

Look at the good side of this. Even if we don't agree with some of his policies, he will be a great diplomat, especially considering how most of Europe likes him. He won't just talk to the world leaders that he likes, he'll talk to the ones that he doesn't necessarily like... Kind of like how Reagan talked to Gorbachev, even though the Soviet Union was practically threating the US with a nuclear war! I think Obama is going to do as much as he can to stop this war... Which, I agree, is pretty stupid (Seriously, why are we fighting in Iraq? I don't even know!). We should not be fighting Iraq... We should be finishing what we started in Afghanistan, and then leaving the countries to their own means... The USA needs to fix itself before we meddle in the affairs of other countries.

The only things I am really passionately against are Obama's views on abortion and gay rights, and those issues are relatively easily fixed later.

I'm not scared, and you guys should not be scared either. Just because Obama is president now, doesn't mean you have to move to another country. I just think that the church should start doing the right thing and praying for the government... and I still would feel that way if McCain were president... The church (with God's help) is the only thing that can really stop our country going downhill.

There... I'm done with that rant!


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