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>> November 13, 2008

My Fair Lady was canceled... so now if I do anything I have to do the Producers...

Why is it always the risque shows that Jamey does... and I do them anyway, just because I love PCT so much! I hope I can convince my parents to let me do this show... because I miss my people terribly.

In other news, I still haven't gotten a hold of this one person that I need to talk to... It's making me quite depressed, and I don't know what is going on... so I can't make a valid assumption as to what I need to do... but I don't wanna stop trying.

In still other news... today I will complete three weeks of my project 365... you can see all my pictures here. Please leave comments on them... I like reading new comments.

Yesterday I had like 8 hours of homework due this morning... It was the most retarded thing I've had to put up with all year... but I didn't realize there were 40 pages of research projects to do! Picture 20 of my 365 is a collage of my homework... I wrote really big yesterday... i was trying to get done faster... lol (yes, I actually did laugh out loud)

most of the time, when I write lol... I don't laugh out loud... I think that instead of writing lol... you should write lqtms, for, laughing quietly to myself... hehehe... no one would actually do that though, even though it makes more sense... I mean, I don't do that...

well... I think I'm going to get off now, and go eat some breakfast or something...


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