I really hate writing papers.

>> October 1, 2008

It's so easy... it just takes too long (don't you hate it when an easy task takes up massive amounts of time?!?)... but it's due tomorrow, so I'd better start working harder.

I've written all of three sentences of a 3-5 page paper. grr.

Stupid Dante and his stupid Catholic/Pagan/Christian worldviews... D=

I'd rather be on the phone (which is a big deal for me... I hate the phone!)... or wasting my time editing pictures... or trying to fool my cousins into believing I have to wear glasses... or just saying sexy to annoy Kirsten.

I don't want to work on my paper. rawr. I'd rather be at PCT... or at a skating rink... or at Six Flags... or at the State Fair... or at the mall... or at Pine Cove

No. Actually, I'd rather be with Mike... or Chloe... or PCT kids...

I'd rather go to a movie... or write a poem... or read a book... or watch Babylon 5... or eat lunch (even though I'm not hungry)... or go work out... or read random blogs... or read my Bible... or memorize my lines

I'd rather do pretty much anything besides write a paper, but write a paper I must!

So I will go forth and tackle this time consuming assignment.


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