>> October 4, 2008

Rehearsal today was beastly... and I found some costume pieces, eliminating the need to spend extra money... but even better was that afterwards I got to hang out with some of my favorite people ever: Katherine, Blakedrew, and Emily!


we walked to McDonalds. Blakedrew ordered food for his mother, who was in a rehearsal, but then she called and said she wasn't going to eat, so he gave the extra food to me and Katherine. I love McDonalds fries.

We sat in McDonalds for like 45 minutes talking about funny Princess Bride show moments... it was the bomb.

Then we walked back to the PCT area and hung out in the quad... which was amazing... we talked about everything and nothing in particular, and I discovered that I think Katherine is my favorite person ever.

I would have stayed longer, but when I found out that the others were staying until later, it was too late. That's OK though. I would just now have been getting home, and that's a really long time... but i would have had fun.

Right now I'm just sitting in my room being reclusive and depressing... staying at PCT would have been better than this... Oh well...


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