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>> August 25, 2008


tech week starts tonight... but I have tons to do before then... bleh.

I'm excited about Forum! It's going to be brilliant (i hope), because we have 6 days of tech rehearsal instead of 4!

I'm kind of nervous, because I have to open on Saturday... eh, that's what tech week is for, perfecting the show and your self confidence (of course that only works if Jamey doesn't yell at you for missing a cue... I hope I don't miss any cues... I should make a cue sheet... so I don't have to find the cues in my script between scenes... which is what causes most of my missed cues... I think I will make a cue sheet... hmm...

I reeeeeallllly hope my favorite depressing person can come... =D

Well, I'm too tired and lazy to take my shower now, so I think I will get my script and make my cue sheet.


chloe gomel August 27, 2008 at 9:49 AM  

ahahaha, I totally want to meet your boyfriend =D

I saved Edward Scissorhands from the box of movies to take to the beach house so we can watch it... on Saturday? We need better ways to make plans

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