Mission Monday week 1

>> July 7, 2008

The youth group at church is doing a student ministry program all throughout this month called Mission Monday. We will be doing different activities of evangelism in and around Plano. This week Corinn, Clay, Callie, JoyAnna, Hayley, Victor, Pauline (one of the "french chicks" that the Purdy's are hosting), Kim Skaggs, and I showed up. Today we went to Stonebriar Mall and witnessed to complete strangers. It was nerve wracking to say the least, fantastic to say the most.

Before we left, Matt discussed what we were going to do, and Callie expressed the need to be saved, so Callie became a Christian today!

So, when we got to Stonebriar, Matt split the nine of us into three groups. I was with Hayley and Callie, and we were scared to death... I hate starting conversations. The first place we went was Hot Topic, since the people who work there are nice and tend to start conversations. The guy who worked there came up and asked what was up, and this is what I said: "Hey, can I tell you something fantastic?!?!" and he said sure. "When I was little I used to beat up on my brother!" And then I proceeded to finish my testimony... yeah. not the thing to say... I asked him if he had had a life changing experience, and he sarcastically replied: "oh yes, hundreds of times." and walked off. A little later, Hayley needed to throw something away, but the nearest trash can was right in front of Hot Topic. She went to throw it away, and the guy inside was glaring at her.

Obviously after that I felt intimidated... and really awkward... and I didn't want to talk to anyone else. No one else wanted to start a conversation either, so we found Matt, and he helped start us on a conversation with three girls. It turned out they were already Christians, but they let Callie practice giving her testimony to them.

After that, we talked with Kim, and it turned out that Clay had led a man to Christ!

After some time spent walking around, Callie, Hayley and I talked to a lady who was waiting for someone in front of the candy store. She was a Christian as well, but she let us practice on her, and then she shared about a time when she had really felt God's presence and power. She didn't seem to see how anyone could NOT believe and trust in God if they had seen the world around them. She was very encouraging.

We then met up with several people, and Kim went off with Hayley and Callie, and I walked around with Clay and Victor. We were supposed to find someone else to talk to, but we didn't. We ended up walking around aimlessly until it was time to meet everyone else in order to go back to the church.

It turns out, Kim also helped Hayley to lead someone to Christ!

In all we witnessed to about 10 people, and led 3 people to a relationship with Jesus (that includes Callie). I'd say that was a pretty fruitful afternoon.


Na-homie July 7, 2008 at 10:30 PM  

Awesome! Hot Topic people are nice. For the guy to be so hostile something you said must have meant something to him. I'm proud of you!

chloe gomel July 10, 2008 at 6:40 PM  

That's great!

I stink at starting conversations... especially with guys, even more when they're attractive.

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