I can't sleep

>> April 2, 2008

so, yeah, its my birthday now.

i cant sleep...

I'm worried about finishing my homework

I wish my leaf collection would do itself.

I wish my paper would do itself.

i wish I could sleep.

I wonder what we'll do at my birthday party.

I didn't plan anything.

random fun my friends.


Laura April 2, 2008 at 9:02 AM  

Happy Birthday! Does it make me old that I can remember when you were born? Wll, regardless I'm so glad I know you and that we can keep up now via blogs (and other impersonal forms of communication like email!) Princess Bride was fabulous - I can't remember if I told you that or not. Danny and I LOVED it (although he freaked out when Buttercup and Wesley kept kissing - he thought they looked a little too young - and if that doesn't make us old I don't know what does!). We totally want to come back and see more - so keep us informed of your schedule. Hope your birthday is AWESOME!

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