My Adventure at the Orthodontics

>> February 5, 2008

Yesterday I had an appointment for my braces at Baylor College of Dentistry. I got out of Biology half an hour early at 2:30 and headed for Dallas. When I got there, the office was dreadfully busy, on account of it being free screening day. My appointment was at 3:00, but there were so many people there that I didn't get in until 3:20. When Dr. Nguyen finally got to me, she looked at my mouth, and her supervising doctor looked at my mouth, and they said that they needed to use a laser to cut away some extra gum tissue overlapping my back molars.

When they asked me to get my mom, I looked out the door and she wasn't there! Now about this time I realized that the time of month had come to use feminine products. I had forgotten my purse, so i had to go to the bathroom and find something else to use until I found my mom. When I went back to the office, Mommy was there, and she gave me one, and then went into the office to talk to my doctor.

My mom said it was o.k. to use the laser, so the doctors numbed me up (oh, how I hate those shots) and started up the laser. It was so weird to see smoke coming from my own mouth, along with a not-so-pleasant smell (sorry for the gruesome details). Afterward, they gave me some antibacterial mouthwash and told me they needed me in TWO WEEKS! I also figured out that they are going to give me more rubber bands to do something with my teeth (now, rubber bands are the most painful things in the world). I figure these close appointments are o.k., because my doctor is pregnant and is trying to get my braces off before she delivers, but they never have any 4:00 appointments left, and I can't change the day of the week my appointments are on, so I ALWAYS seem to have to miss Biology, which is my favorite class. Oh well, at least it's not Chemistry, because I like chemistry even more than biology.


debily February 7, 2008 at 8:00 AM  

Youch!! Nope, braces are NO FUN. But you're gonna have one dazzling smile when they come off (and big teeth - for awhile anyway, until you get used to your glitterless smile)!

Laura February 8, 2008 at 8:51 AM  

Hey - Okay - we want two tickets for Princess Bride on Friday, Feb. 29th. When do I need to get you $14?

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