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>> February 27, 2008

101. My name is: Naomi
100. I was born in: This suburban city that I live in now
99. I am really: awkward
98. My cell phone company is: Well, if I had a phone it would be T-Mobile
97. My eye color is: blue
96. My shoe size is: 8 1/2
95. My ring size is: 6.5
94. My height is: 5' 6"
93. I am allergic to: Bermuda grass
92. I was born: April 2, 1993
91. I am annoyed by: The Aeneid
90. Last book you read: The last one I finished was the Odyssey, but right now I'm reading the Aeneid
89. My bed is: close to the ground
88: One thing you hate about yourself: right now? my hair
87. My favorite Holiday is: Thanksgiving
86. The perfect kiss: comes on the wedding
85. The last cd I bought were: I don't remember, probably the Little Shop soundtrack
84. Are you living at home: yes.
83. Do you have any siblings: oh, we all know I have too many (4)
82. Are your parents divorced: nope
81. What did you do yesterday: homework... I also played WoW for like 5 hours

:::I Believe In:::
80. Love at first sight: no
79. Luck: yes
78. Fate: no
77. Yourself: usually
76. Aliens: no
75. Heaven: yes
74. Hell: yes
73. Ghosts: no
72. Horoscopes: nope
71. Soulmates: yes

:::Which is Better:::
70. Hugs or Kisses: HUGE HUGS!! You better squeeze me tight
69. Gold or Silver: silver
68. Phone or Online: online
67. Red heads or Black haired: black
66. Blondes or Brunettes: brunette
65. Hot or cold: cold
64. Summer or winter: both
63. Fall or Spring: fall
62. Chocolate or vanilla: both
61. Night or Day: night
60. Oranges or Apples: oranges
59. Curly or Straight hair: curly

:::Here’s What I Think About::
58. Abortion: is the extinguishing of a baby's life... it's wrong
57. Backstabbers: get on my nerves..

:::Last time I:::
56.Had food? like 15 mins ago
55. Saw someone I haven’t seen in awhile: Thursday, I saw Robert
54. Cried in front of someone: Monday... I don't wanna tell the story
53. Who is the ditziest person you know: Elena
52. Who makes you laugh the most: Victor
51. The last movie I saw: The Bourne Supremacy
50. What I don’t understand is: hormones
49. Something I always really miss when I leave home is: the washing machine
48. The thing that I’m looking forward to the most: Piney Cove
47. The thing that I’m not looking forward to is: Giving a speech
46. Tomorrow: I have a boring class.
45. Today: I hate Virgil
44. Next Summer: I will go to Pine Cove!!!
43. Next Weekend: I have shows (COME!!)
42. People call me: Naomi, Na-Homie
41. The person who knows the most about me is: God
40. The most difficult thing to do is: make yourself stop having a crush on someone
39. I have gotten a speeding ticket: never
38.My zodiac sign is: aries
37. The first person i talked to today was: Mrs. Speer
36. First time you had a crush: 5th grade
35. The one person who i can’t hide things from: Jesus
34. Last time someone said something you were thinking: yesterday
33. Right now I am talking to: myself
32. What is your dream job? physicist
31. First real job: not yet... I can get one when I turn 15
30. I have/will get a job: yes
29. I have these pets: Denali (great dane), Pépe, María (cats, Lacey (Victor's tarantula), Vizzini (Joel's guinea pig), and 2 gerbils (also Joel's)
28. I wish: Summer break were here.
27. The worst sound in the world: styrofoam squeaking, Chak squeaking, chewing with the mouth open
26. The person that makes me cry the most is? I don't know
25. Best sound in the world: laughter
24. Person[s] that makes you happy: PCT kids
23. Florida or Hawaii: Florida
22. My favorite piece of clothing: my new skinny jeans and all my feminine cut t-shirts
21. Last time I cried: Monday
20. My friends are: the
19. My computer is: not mine
18. The school I go to is: my house
17. Last person I got mad at: Timothy
16. The all-time best movie is: Hey! I like a lot of movies, DONT MAKE ME PICK
15. The all-time best feeling in the world is: satisfaction
14. I lose all respect for people who: lie.
13. The movie I cried at was: Bridge to Terebithia
12. TV channels you watch: ABC, Disney (still...)
11. Favorite web site: myspace
10. I like/love: Many, many ladies and gentlemen who are my acquaintances.
9. The worst pain I was ever in was: I can't remember... I blocked it out of my memory
8. My favorite word is: onomatopoeia and hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia
7. My room is: Orange
6. My favorite celebrity is: Johnny Depp, Jennifer Garner
5. My weakness is: If there were no hormones, I would have no weakness... idk
4. What I like about the opposite sex is: eyes and personality
3. Who broke your heart: My mother (long story... actually it wasn't her... literally)
2. One thing that makes you feel great is: getting a bear hug
1. One person that you wish you could see right now: Chloe


chloe gomel February 27, 2008 at 4:07 PM  

yayyy! Me <3333

I'm gonna go do this now, instead of a stupid paper on Octavian vs. Jesus. Do we really need help finding that answer?

Laura February 27, 2008 at 4:14 PM  

Naomi - I just wanted to make sure your mom had got the tickets for us to see Princess Bride this Friday (2/29) and that they'll be at will call (aka: the table)! Just shoot me a message and let me know. We're excited and can't wait! Can I bring my camera?

Marcel March 5, 2008 at 1:43 PM  
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Marcel March 5, 2008 at 1:47 PM  

Hey Naomi, haven't talked to you in a while. I really miss you!!!!

I don't have the time to look at all of your blogs, so could you tell me when your next show is? I had an idea. . . ^_^

Robert Schnitman March 16, 2008 at 10:10 PM  

Woahhhhhhhh, just realized I got mentioned!


Lauren March 19, 2008 at 4:58 PM  

hey naomai! hey can i use this quiz on my blog? really? thx! ^^

(don't bother answering i already am! ^^ XD)

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