MY HEROES! (some of them at least...)

>> July 27, 2007

Jesus--for changing my life, making me whole, and saving me from my sin!
Blake Lewis--for being a gentleman.
Charlie Brown--for being the funniest depressing character ever.
Charlie Pace--for being willing to die.
C.S. Lewis--for writing great Christian literature that taught me so much.
The Fellowship of the Ring--for saving Middle Earth.
Harry Potter (& friends)--for killing Voldemort
Jack Sparrow--for being awesome.
Jamey Jamison--for bringing out the best in me and my fellow cast members.
Jessica Hulcy--for teaching me to always do the best I can do.
The Pevensies--Narnia... enough said.
Steve Hyatt--for being a great mentor, lifeguard, and friend.
Sydney Bristow--for fighting the bad guys.


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