>> July 12, 2007

Mexico was so awesome it blows my mind! It is a beautiful country with beautiful people, and I wish people from the US were as generous and kind as Mexicans.

This week we stayed at the hotel Maria De La Luz and ate food at the restaurant there. It was most beautiful hotel I could imagine (though it wasn't the nicest you've ever stayed in).

I can't put to words how much I loved Mexico, but I do know that my favorite part was socializing with the people there. Each day we went to a different village and did a Bible Club. We went back in the evening to do our concert.

The villages we went to were:

Ek Balám

In Xcatún, we only did a concert, because we went there the day we went to Chichen Itza in the morning, but we went to the park and played with kids. One of the little girls there kept putting sand in my shoes, but she was so cute that I couldn't be mad at her. A couple of the boys kept jumping off the slide and pretending they were Superman.

In Xúch, we were just going to do a concert in the morning and then go to another town in the evening, but we ended up doing Bible Club because there were so many kids. The kids there were so sweet. I loved them. I was really happy that we went back there in the evening, but our concert got rained out, so we had to go home. Everyone was so sad.

The morning we were supposed to go to Pocbichen, we accidentally went to the wrong village, so we all got out and then had to get right back in the van. In Pocbichen, one of the girls had the same name as me! I have a picture of Noemí y Noemí. (That night we actually went to a different village, but we didn't really bond with the people, so I don't think it counts.)

When we went to Chichimilá, we thought, since it was a bigger town, we would have trouble getting kids to join in to VBS. We were surprised to find that this was the most involved group of kids we had. One of the little girls was adorable! Her name was Katerina, and she was three years old. She loved doing the motions to our puppet songs. When we went to the village in the evening, there was another little girl named Malaysia who was about three, but only like two feet tall, and she was really cute. The boys in Chichimilá were so crazy! I loved them.

Ek Balám was the last town we visited, and it also had the noisiest kids. The kids there were really quite greedy, especially the boys, but they were adorable all the same. Another thing was that they probably had an attention span of only three minutes, because they got really distracted during Bible School. That was my least favorite village. I'm glad we went to Cancun instead of going back to do a concert.

We went to a beach in Cancun the night we got there. It was really fun. we played in the waves and got so much sand in our suits it wasn't even funny. Actually it was really annoying, so when we went out to eat, I cleaned it out on to the bathroom floor (shh.. don't tell anyone)!

The next day we went to a water park built around a natural lagoon. It was a blast until about two o'clock, because by that time we were so ready to go home. Lauren, Clay, and I were the only people who didn't get sunburned. I ate nothing for nine hours, and I was in so much pain that we had to order pizza. And then the pizza was nasty.

Today I was SO happy to be home finally, even though I had a great time.

P.S. I took pictures of my feet every day, so expect another post about that soon.


Ur Best Cousin In The World Of Worleys July 14, 2007 at 12:08 AM  

okay. . .the thing about the sand in ur suits waz. . .VERY weird. And the thing w/ pizza being nasty, is that even possible? Oh, and next time, invite me cuz it sounded like a LOT of fun, way more fun than I had in D.C., it's ok though, I loved D.C., even though we walked everyday and my feet were dead by Wednesday, well I'm glad u had fun, and I'll start posting more often, k? I might even start a blog if u tell me how 2 do it! =) Do u like how I do the eyes of my smileys now? Well, luv ya! Ur the best cousin in the whole wide world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *kisses Naomi and Naomi makes a face, jk! =D)

Marcel July 14, 2007 at 9:49 PM  

o wow. i've got nothing to say but. . .were u ever bored during the whole trip? lol id like to go 2 mexico 2. . .the whole money thing is a problem though

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