Happy 4th!!

>> July 5, 2007

Hello, all you nerds who read my blog! (no offense?)

Did you have a good day this fourth of July?

I did.

The Texas Pool party rocked the house!! I had a great time getting smashed by all the multitudes of people trying to cram themselves into the limited water supply (so maybe I'm exaggerating a little bit...). I probably swallowed a half-gallon of icky water, but it was fun.

No really, today's party was AMAZING!!! The pool put up the high dive just for one day... oh, how I missed that thing... It is very nostalgic to me (I think I'm gonna cry...), it reminds me of all the years I had as a child of the Texas Pool before the city became evil and passed that evil law prohibiting the joy of high dives, stealing the joy of children... (what I mean to say, is that if the children have never gone off a high dive, they haven't really lived)

Back on earth, I re-perfected my 1 1/2 flip, showed off to all those people who are amazed at my mad skills (I admit it... I am a bit of a showoff... it's one of my imperfections), pigged out on hot dogs, and had an all around good time... The cats sure are having fun right now.

Tonight I went with my youth group and gave people free water before watching fireworks (which I didn't pay much attention to because my friends were there).

And tomorrow I have to get up really early to leave on my mission trip, so I think I had better stop writing now so I can get more than 4 hours of sleep.


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